In 2016 two software professionals set out to start the security systems integration company, Latitude Security Solutions, with a simple mission to turn a complex, analog, brick and mortar type business into a low-cost systems provider much like SaaS companies of today. Taking core principles from the software industry, JW and Sam adopted cloud-based technology “only” and developed an offering of managed services consisting of access control and video management solutions.

With a deep understanding of security systems and a strong desire to create relevant business software, rhōmb was founded. The mission is about automating safe, secure and auditable access for businesses whose revenue is based on facility access. rhōmb combines two mission critical functions, point-of-sale and access control, into a single solution that drives new business. We pride ourselves being a no-frills solution, only delivering a strong functional core that effectively manages unstaffed facilities.

Why rhōmb?

  • It sounds like roam, which in the context of our solution puts an emphasis on access.

  • A rhombus is a box and facilities are like boxes.