Clubs come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have one commonality. Members.


For a fraction of monthly dues, implement rhomb to easily capture those dues. Intuitive online tools that enable members to provision their information and maintain their status. Club administration can focus on being members and not being administrators. Add a facility security layer and now there is self-governing access. Eliminate physical keys, key-combo, and facility poaching by non-members.


  • Enable members to self-register

  • Setup recurring payment programs

  • Disable access upon no-payment

  • A platform to rent facilities for additional club income

  • Sell additional services and sundry items to members

  • Usage level pricing - pay as you go


  • Graphical dashboard to easily track revenue and club activity

  • PIN code, mobile and barcode access means

  • Intuitive member user interface for simple transactions

  • Best-in-class cloud-based access control and video surveillance integration