Generate traffic and not paperwork

A platform designed specifically for short-term use in unstaffed space. rhōmb delivers the simplest of paths to effectively get your customers through the door and using space immediately. Accept online payment with ease. Allow hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly reservations. Instantly deliver access credentials directly to your customer’s phone. Couple with our Macron system and you have the ONLY state-of-the art turnkey booking and security system.

How much are you paying for LiquidSpace?

You are spending good money on your website, SEO and Adwords only to eventually drive traffic to sites like LiquidSpace, which takes a hefty booking fee and may even generate a risk of you losing a sale altogether. Now take a fraction of that fee, apply towards rhōmb, and put the rest in your bank account.

  • white labeling creates a seamless transition from marketing to sales

  • payment INDEPENDENce enables you to find the best possible merchant pricing

  • ultimate product flexibility allows for instant business plan pivots

  • Self provisioning of products and pricing provides freedom to publish what you want when you want

All the right features

  • Dashboards and reporting keeps close tabs on space management

  • integrated access control with our Macron system

  • Mobile friendly for both customers and administrators

  • Did we say reservations? Book now, book later, just book

  • Coupon code for repeat and one-time use

  • Too many to list here